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Ororo Monroe (Storm)
This is an RPG profile. I own nothing, I'm not crazy, yadda yadda.

General Information
Name: Ororo Monroe

    She doesn't encourage their use.
    Logan uses "'roro" (which she finds charmingly informal) and Remy uses "Stormy" (which annoys her but she tolerates).

Codename: Storm. Also Windrider, but only for those who know her from Kenya.

Age: 29

    5'10", dark brown skin, white hair (Mohawk style), blue eyes.
    Athletic but not musclebound, wide hips, C-cup.
    Miscellaneous battle-scars, but nothing blatant. Tribal tattoo on left hip.
Dress Style:
    When casual, she favors either loose-flowing African prints or very provocative modern clothing (short skirts, tight tank-tops, that sort of thing). She generally wears open-toed sandals or goes barefoot.
    When "working" (either with the X-Men or on her own) she adopts a leather-punk style.
    She has recently taken to wearing a rune anklet (see powers below)

Mutation: Control and adapt to atmospheric effects (but see below)

Historically, Ororo was able to:
  • Sense local weather patterns (predict the weather, detect climatic anomalies, etc.)
  • Sense the physical state of living things... illness, injury, arousal, etc.
    (This is _not_ a psionic ability, it cues off physiology rather than psychology. For example, it works with plants and with the bacteria in soil. For example, she can tell there's a lot of adrenalin running through your body but not if you're scared, angry, lustful, etc.)
  • Adapt to climatic extremes (remain comfortable in extreme cold, heat, dryness, etc.) and even ground lightning bolts through her body without harm. (This did not make her invulnerable to elemental attacks, though... it took her some time to adapt.)
  • Control local weather patterns (for example, she once summoned a monsoon on a sunny day in upstate New York in a matter of minutes)
  • Manifest small-scale weather-like phenomena (fire lightning-bolts, use gusts of wind to fly and push objects around, freeze targets with arctic blasts, create fog clouds for concealment, summon small rainclouds to rain on a single target, etc.).

After being struck by Forge's neutralizer she lost access to those powers. Now they have started coming back, but not completely... she is nowhere near as powerful as she was.
She can sense and adapt to climate as before, but cannot control the weather (except see below about sorcery). She can no longer create small-scale phenomena reliably... HOWEVER, minor effects have been known to occur around her "spontaneously" in response to unconscious demands (gusts of wind blowing her back onto a rooftop, thunderbolts in the distance when she's mad, perhaps even a convenient lightning bolt taking out a building's electrical systems in a tough spot... again, nothing like her old power-level.)

Consequently she does not rely on her powers in combat any more.

She has compensated for this with a number of well-developed non-mutant skills and abilities and is always training more:
  • Exceptionally strong-willed and clear-minded. While she has no psionic abilities herself, she is very difficult to scan or manipulate mentally (although illusions that take advantage of her claustrophobia are another matter).
  • Remarkable combat skills and a knack for tactics and strategy. Even without her powers she has defeated super-opponents via a combination of stealth, superior strategy, and exceptional (though not superhuman) physical combat skills.
    She is starting to work with weapons (in particular blunt weapons like staves, escrima sticks, etc.), but is not particularly skilled with them yet.
  • She's a decent-but-not-exceptional shot with most firearms. She doesn't like them but she trains assiduously.
  • She has exceptional thief skills: stealth, lockpicking, disarming security systems, etc.
  • She speaks several languages (fluent English, Arabic, and Swahili, passable Japanese, smatterings of Latin, a bunch of indigenous Kenyan tongues).
  • She can combat-drive pretty much anything with wheels, and is starting to learn to pilot the Blackbird (she's not very good at that yet).
  • She has a fine singing voice, is a good drummer and plays a pretty decent jazz flute, is an excellent nightclub-style and African-tribal dancer, is taking tap-dancing classes.

Finally, Ororo has inherited her mother's potential for sorcery.
Historically she has not done very much work in this area, but has recently begun to experiment with the assistance and encouragement of Illyana Rasputin, aka Magik (who herself learned magic from an alternate Ororo while in Limbo).
Thus far, she has restricted herself to learning to detect and protect against magic, and manipulating long-term weather around the Mansion. All of this is via spells that require a long period of meditation, ritual, etc. ... it's not much use in a sudden crisis. Her tradition is vaguely pagan, drawing from the Goddess-worship of her youth.
She has recently cast a magical ward around herself, anchored on a rune anklet she has started wearing. It is supposed to conceal her from magical detection, but how well it works remains to be seen.

(As far as Ororo and Illyana know, nobody else knows about their occult experimentation. However, observant folks around the Mansion will have noticed the two of them sneaking off together a lot... and can draw their own conclusions.)

Changes in Physical appearance:
When she uses her powers (or casts spells) her eyes glow white.

  • She is profoundly claustrophobic... being trapped in an enclosed space will generally cause her to freak out.
  • Anything that would injure a normal human will injure Ororo... she is physically normal in that sense.
  • As noted above, her control over her powers is unreliable. This is becoming more true as she relaxes some of her previous emotional control (see personality below).
    This can sometimes be an asset... in a real crisis she might tap awesome stores of uncontrolled power, and her unconscious powers might work to her benefit even if she's being mentally controlled or something... but mostly what it does is make her mutant abilities useless in combat.
  • Her magical heritage, now that she is exploring it actively, makes her a target for supernatural attacks. The magical concealment rune helps with that, but nevertheless supernatural opponents will tend to target her first, and under the right circumstances can use her as a channel into the physical world.

Introvert/Etrovert: Natural introvert, but her experiences have taught her to own her extroverted side as well. When the situation calls for it she is a decisive and commanding field leader, a gregarious and outgoing woman, a "wild and crazy" party girl... but she always eventually returns to the solitude of her greenroom to recharge.

Goals/Dreams: Short-term goals mostly center on remaining a useful asset to the X-Men even without her powers - hence learning combat skills, piloting, magic, anything that comes to hand.
Long-term? Who knows.
It's not that she doesn't think about it, it's just that the answer changes every time she does. Leave the X-Men, settle down with T'Challa, raise a family, return to sub-Saharan Africa to work on drought control? Leave the X-Men, settle down with Callisto to lead the Morlocks? Stuff Cyclops out an airlock and take over the X-Men? Lock Forge in his lab and fuck him silly until he promises to build an anti-Neutralizer? Become Agatha Harkness's new apprentice? Start a all-girl punk-rock band with Callisto, Jubilee and Yukio?
All of these things seem like plausible options at various times... her life is in flux.

Quirks/Habits: Ororo has become something of a practical joker. She isn't cruel or malicious about it, she just likes keeping people on their toes and confounding their expectations. This is a fairly recent development. Relatedly, she has developed a wickedly teasing sense of humor around her friends.

Likes: Natural environments (forests, deserts, anything), instrumental music, spicy food, modern dance, ballet, swimming, standing naked in the rain, motorcycles, poker (she plays badly but bluffs well), people who speak their mind, rubies.

Dislikes: Artificial environments, processed food, small spaces, confining clothing, air-conditioning, money, the Internet, liars, guns, diamonds.

First Impression: It really depends on when you meet her... and your second impression will contradict it. Ice-queen, hot babe, dangerous punk, team clown, loving Earth-mother, ruthless leader, regal African princess, avatar of the Goddess... Ororo is a woman of many facets. What they have in common is intensity -- she is a force of nature, both literally and figuratively, and not to be taken lightly.

Philosophy of Life:
Ororo has spent the better part of three decades mastering emotional control... she's had to, since her uncontrolled emotions manifested in sometimes-catastrophic changes in the weather. Now that her powers are semi-neutralized she has been relaxing that control and has found she likes it.
Consequently she has adopted an "Follow your instincts, no regrets, no commitments" philosophy. She's not irresponsible, but in general if there's not a clear reason not to do it and it seems at all interesting, she's up for it, whatever it is. She acknowledges her mistakes but refuses to dwell on them, she expresses anger easily but does not hold grudges, she bonds closely and passionately with people but will not tie herself down, etc.
As a teen she swore never to take a human life, and generally intends to keep that vow, but isn't squeamish about death and has been known to make exceptions.

Personal History:
Mostly as per canon, pre-Inferno... but with some timeline juggling.

Her neutralization happened ten months before the community starts up. She left the Mansion for several months at that time, then returned with her leather-and-Mohawk look and the attitude to match. She has been "getting reacquainted" with the other students and faculty since then.

She has gone on several long personal absences during that process, though she remained an active X-Man. During that time she fought Callisto and won absentee-leadership of the Morlocks, went to Japan and met Yukio, and had various other adventures. She has recently returned (along with Jean) from her most recent walkabout.

Family: Her birth family is long-dead. There are several groups she thinks of as adoptive families: the Kenyan tribe she was "goddess" for, the Morlocks, and most especially the X-Men.

Discovery of mutation (include age and reactions of current family/friends)
Ororo discovered her powers when she crossed the Sahara as a pre-teen, though she thought of them (and, in a sense, still does) as a gift of the Goddess. The tribe that found her revered her for them. All of this has colored her whole attitude towards mutant powers... by default she thinks of them as a gift, a blessing to be earned. She is aware that the modern Western attitude differs, and isn't naive about it, but she doesn't buy into it on any level.

Personal Relationships:
Unlike many of the X-Men she has a large number of personal friendships and ties outside Xavier's Mansion: her ex-enemy Callisto and several other Morlocks, Yukio, the Wakandan prince T'Challa (aka the Black Panther), Forge, and others.

Within the Mansion, she is frequently a bridge between the older and younger generations. Although she is one of the X-Men, she is also actively engaged with the younger students, both as a trainer and a "den mother", and they frequently come to her with their troubles before going to anyone else. She is also a recurring target of adolescent crushes.

Sexuality: Omnivorous and aggressive.

Ororo has always been very casual about sex... it's a fine way of expressing affection for friends and of getting to know interesting-seeming strangers. Prior to her neutralization, her need for emotional control tended to inhibit this. Since then she has reveled in the freedom to feel passion without worrying about where she might be causing a famine in the process, and is open to and actively seeking any new experience, without any real concern for the social norms of a culture that isn't even her own. She isn't indiscriminate... there are individuals she won't fuck... but category factors like age, sex, number, race, species, etc. really don't matter. She pursues those who interest her and, while she'll take "no" for an answer, you had better be definitive about that "no."

Relationship experience (include sexual experience)
Capital-R relationships, in order:
  • T'Challa - they had a brief romance as teenagers in Africa, and get together whenever he's in New York (mostly for U.N. gatherings). They know their lives have led them in different directions but harbor "what might have been" as a fond shared fantasy.
  • Forge - they met almost a year ago, shortly before her powers were neutralized. When she realized she could be passionate safely they had a whirlwind romance, which ended when she discovered he'd built the neutralizer and she nearly broke his jaw. She has since forgiven him but the relationship as such is over. She would not mind being "friends with benefits," but he has made it clear he would want more of a commitment than that and she isn't interested.
  • Yukio - Ororo went to Japan to help Logan out of trouble shortly after dumping Forge. Yukio took Ororo under her wing (and various other places)... among other things, Yukio gave her the initial Mohawk-cut and bought her the leather outfit. They painted the town red together for about a month before getting bored and moving on. Several arrest warrants from that period are still outstanding, but no real harm was done and the Professor has largely smoothed them over.
  • Callisto - Callisto developed an intense attraction to Ororo after their battle over the Morlocks... there's just something about being stabbed in the heart that turned Callisto on. After she healed they hooked up a couple of times and then lived together pretty much non-stop for six days, much to the amusement of the Morlocks. Afterwards they concluded that the sex was great but they would likely end up killing each other if they tried to actually do the serious relationship thing. They still hook up whenever Ororo visits the Morlocks, typically several times a month.

More casual hookups: Many and varied, especially inside the Mansion. Basically, anyone she's willing to have in the Mansion at all she thinks enough of to hook up with.

Yes, this includes the younger set. She's careful about not going after anyone too immature/inexperienced to know their own mind, but she also regards the role of sexual initiator as an honorable one, and several "crushes on teacher" have been consummated in more or less this spirit. She is not in the least bit embarassed about this, although she is willing to keep the experiences secret when her partners want them kept that way.

OOC to other players: If your PCs/NPCs have expressed any interest whatsoever (or in some cases simply not said "no" sincerely enough) feel free to include in your history a casual hookup (or several) with Ororo at any time within the last ten months... we can RP it if you like, or work out details OOC, or just go ahead and reference anything short of serious noncon in your posts and I'll play along.
Anything more than casual hookups (declarations of undying love, marriage proposals, whatever) we should talk about OOC first.
Similarly feel free to reference her hitting on you (hard!) and you turning her down for whatever reason. No coy does-she-doesn't-she stuff please... she won't accept a "no" until she's absolutely clear it's an informed "no" and she isn't shy.
Conversely, if you want to RP the first time in current-time for whatever reason, we can assume she hasn't gotten around to you yet... schedules, supervillains, whatever... but you're on her list.

Particular friends/enemies:

She thinks of all the X-Men as family and would take a bullet for any of them, but definitely has her favorites:
  • Jean Grey - Ororo bonded strongly with Jean on first arrival as two strong women in a testosterone-heavy environment, and they have remained extremely close since. Jean was one of the few X-Men who seemed to take Ororo's personality change completely in stride.

  • Scott Summers - Ororo and Scott have a complicated relationship.
    She accepts his leadership of the X-Men and knows how to follow orders, but she's also a competent strategist and leader in her own right and feels no hesitation whatsoever about telling him when he's wrong or stepping in if something really stupid is about to happen. This causes a certain amount of tension, which is generally smoothed over by their profound mutual respect. The end result is a very close friendship/partnership that can sometimes resemble obsessive rivalry to the uninitiated observer.
    OOC: Scott, let me know if that works for you. Also I'm not quite sure where in the X-Men timeline you are... do you want our common background to include Storm's (temporary) assumption of command of the X-Men after the whole Maddie Pryor fiasco? I'm OK either way, let me know.

  • Gambit - Ororo and Gambit have known each other for a long time, and she knows more of his secrets than most do. On top of her loyalty to a fellow X-Man she feels a personal loyalty to Remy. That, and his accent makes her wet.

  • Xavier - More so than most of the X-Men, Ororo thinks of Xavier as a peer rather than a mentor or father-figure. She admires him in many different ways but is not intimidated by him or dependent on him, and is therefore frequently the first one to notice when he is having difficulties, or to call him on it when he's being a jerk.

  • Piotr Rasputin - Ororo has always found Pete attractive but considered him off-limits for a long time because of Kitty's feelings for him. When it became clear that was over, she made the offer and he turned her down for various reasons. At this point she treats him more like a brother than anything else, though she does occassionally poke to see if status has changed. They spend a lot of time together working on the Mansion's grounds.

  • Kitty Pride - Initially, they had a very mother/daughter like relationship. Ororo's radical personality changes broke that pattern, and they are still working out their new relationship, but Ororo still feels strongly maternal towards Kitty.

  • Illyana Rasputin - After Illyana's rapid aging, she avoided Ororo for a long time, finally breaking down and relating the account of her apprenticeship to the alternate-timeline Ororo in Limbo. They have bonded closely (and platonically) over that experience and their occult experimentation.

Enemies - Ororo subscribes to both the sentiment that a friend's enemy is her enemy, and that it is never too late for enemies to redeem themselves. So she considers all of the X-Men's enemies her own, while at the same time not holding grudges against them.
She is a particular target of the Shadow King, with whom she has a long-standing personal history.
Emma Frost swapped bodies with her a couple of years ago, and the experience gave Ororo a vague sense that she could be convinced to become a "good guy" under the right circumstances.
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